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To Be a Famous Nobody
Tourism on Cloud
Wonderland Taxi
Hong Kong Handover
Airplane Tram
Transparent Container
Game and Terror
Toy Tank
$ on China
Atom Ocean
Indefinitive Portraiture
Project Big Bang (2007)
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Project Big Bang
New Media Art Project
A new media project collaborated between Erkka Nissinen, Amy Cheung, Mark Fell, Zheng Bo, Kwan Ng, Annie Ho, Maggie Hui, Joseph Chan and David Lo.

Can we imagine our reply if an alien is standing right in front of us innocently and asks: how are you human? Strikingly fundamental question about our existence still demand answers regardless of how advance our technological proficiency is. Do we have an answer? This question inspires us to go through a tedious yet exciting process of investigation using new media technologies as the interface, programming, psychologies, video, light and sound as exploration tools and platform.

Supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Hong Kong, 2007.

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