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To Be a Famous Nobody
Tourism on Cloud
Wonderland Taxi
Hong Kong Handover
Airplane Tram
Transparent Container
Game and Terror
Toy Tank
$ on China
Atom Ocean
Indefinitive Portraiture
Game and Terror (2002)
¹ “To define the enemy is, simultaneously, to define the collective … the disappearance of the enemy threatens to dissolve the collective itself … It is the absolute political enemy that threatens the existence of the collective, because it challenges the very notion by which the identity of the collective has been formed.”

² “So long as the enemy stays in its place, keeping the position allotted to it within the political imaginary as the enemy behaves like the enemy, it is not a threat in the absolute sense (to the collective).”

All quotations are from Susan Buck-Morss’ Dreamworld and Catastrophe (2000) p. 9–34, which points to a very inspiring concept of the political imaginery that provokes us to metamorphose Pillowhead into an absolute identity.
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Remarking the Character, the Game and the Horror Elements
Site specific installation and performance with 2 violinists and 1 celloist
A.K.T.III . Between fiction and reality, International Festival of Performance Art, Gallery Eskort, Brno, Czech, 2002
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