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Spacesofa (2002)
Historicity of childhood truth

She did not believe me, when I was 5, and told her, my granny, that there might be a tunnel behind the drawers underneath my bed. She told me that the drawers are too heavy to pull out as there was too much stuff inside. Itís not worth the trouble to remove everything from drawer to drawer to check and put all the stuff back afterwards. She was sure there is no tunnel.
I went to sleep every night with dreams about that tunnel. The mystery remains as I left grannyís house to study abroad and she moved to a new flat when I came back. I remember the disappointment. I felt very frustrated as a child when nobody believed me or listened to me. Adults only say: ďitís impossible.Ē

In Space Sofa Voyager 3000, we decide to let children hold the authority of truth. Only children are allowed to go inside the gigantic sofa, look, feel, and experience what is really happening inside the space.
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Space Sofa Voyager 3000
Multi-media installation
Sound, video, toys and costumes, 8.5m x 5m x 5m
City Hall Arts Corner, Hong Kong, 2002
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