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Tourism on Cloud (2000)
Video Interview, 25/7/2000, Como
What do you think about clouds dropping into the middle of the lake?

Young Girl

Q: What do you think if a cloud dropped into the middle of the lake tommorrow?
A: Okay. It’s cool. I am happy. Como… I like the city, but I don’t like the inhabitants.
Q+A: yes… yes…
Q=A: Would you like to film my tattoo? (she pulled back her jeans so the camera can go into the tattoo at the bottom of her back bone.)

…Thank you…
Old Couple

Q: You are from Como? We have a question. Have you heard about this cloud which is going to drop into the middle of the Como lake?
A: Nope.
Q: It was just on the 7 o’clock news, and it’s in the newspaper, LOOK!!!
A: We are watching TV, but we did not see…
Q: Maybe it’s the news from the Swiss TV.
A: Oh yes. Because we are looking at channel 5. It doesn’t show anything important.
Q: Even we don’t believe it, but we’d like to know about public opinion.
A: But you know, if the US broadcasts were saying this … then it’s true, you know, they’re geniuses.

…Thank you…
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What if a Cloud dropped? Tourism on Cloud should be prohibited
Printed media intervention and video interview
20 Road signs 2.5meter tall each & a newspaper article
San Francesca Church, Como, Italy, 2000
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