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Indefinitive Portraiture
Transparent Container (2002)
Concealment: distance between
fairy-tale and nightmare
Beams of light projecting an unidentifiable ghostly population who all cover their faces with their own hands in a vulnerable structure.

The membrane-like form is a caricature of a shipping container craved out entirely from plexi-glass. A small stone goat is in the front, as if dragging the almost jewellike glowing structure and a pair of baby stone shoes have been left just behind.

Doesn’t this situation resemble Cinderella, with the magic gone wrong? The pumpkin carriage is now a glassy container, the glassy slipper has become a pair of baby shoes and the horse has been stoned…

Wasn’t that day about dysfunctional magic when the 58 dead Chinese bodies suffocated in the dark, totally sealed shipping container? Perhaps they were each drawn in by a fairytale … therefore brave enough to take the long journey of darkness, to roll over the ocean, dreaming about the other side of the globe as utopia …?

I hope the presence of this light, transparent, immaterial, nothing-to-hide, void (container) may become a temporary memorial for us all to reflect on the dark side of the matter.
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Untitled (The Population)
Public video installation
Plexiglass container 6m x 2.5m x 2.5m, Stone baby shoes 13cm x 6.5cm, Stone goat 30cm x 19cm
Kwai Tsing Theatre Plaza, Hong Kong, 2002 / Kaoshiung Container Arts Festival, Taiwan, 2003
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