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$ on China (2003-2007)
An architectural aura of prosperity

The project consists of a bridge, an artificial island, a multifunctional building and a wine cellar. By configuring the typographic $ into a physical & structural materiality, the architectural form of the multifunctional building has been created using the client’s company logo “$,” an aesthetic interplay between a sign’s graphical, socio-cultural and architectural signification. Despite using mainly contemporary building materials such as glass and steel, references to fungshui and its application of positive circulation of air, light and movement within the traditional lucky symbol “$” & “red” has been carefully choreographed, taking into consideration the Chinese client’s wish for both good fortune and prosperous land in China.
As the reclaimed island (5000 sqm of green grass land) is located in the heart of the factory zone, visitors are encouraged to stroll and enjoy the panoramic view of the industrial village. In aerial perspectives, the plan shows both staff & customer’s commute between the factory blocks and the island via the bridge as if this passage involving frequent exchange and movement was the umbilical cord that supplied the isolated embryo floating in the clear lake with its strengthening nutrients.
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$ on China
Landscape, architecture and interior design
Reclaimed island 5000sqm, $ building floor space 380sqm, Wine cellar 500sqm, Bridge 91m
Commissioned by a private company, Boan, China, 2003–07
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