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To Be a Famous Nobody
Tourism on Cloud
Wonderland Taxi
Hong Kong Handover
Airplane Tram
Transparent Container
Game and Terror
Toy Tank
$ on China
Atom Ocean
Indefinitive Portraiture
Wonderland Taxi (2004)
Down the Rabbit Hole ‘TAXI!’ says Alice
Horse Power of “NO” & its consequence towards a dream object

How do we grasp and materialize a moment in continuity?

What is really in it — the qualities embroidered inside a moment?

Before it finds itself a proper name and before its predestined one loses all identificatory meaning; the dimensions of pure becoming …

1) Alice becomes bigger than she was

2) Alice is smaller than what she becomes

3) Alice fails to be named Alice, even by herself
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Down the Rabbit Hole ‘TAXI!’ says Alice
Public sculpture (temporary)
Wood, metal, plastic and mirror, 4.5m x 1.5m x 1.7m
The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s parking lot and Pedder Street taxi queue, Hong Kong, 2004
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