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To Be a Famous Nobody
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Indefinitive Portraiture
To Be a Famous Nobody (1997)
An interviewer asked me:
“Who are you?”

“I am me.”

“Why did you choose to be represented by 0?”

“not 0, nor O. it is an gesture in the air. The closest approximation to represent it typographically is just the round shape. To name it properly should be like this (I draw a circle in the air for the interviewer). I prefer to concentrate on the rhythm in this movement than finding a correct way to name it.”

“Thank you.”
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Frozen dislocated SHOCKET plugged away Home precise Warmth
Site specific installation & publicity campaign
Self freezing socket & O could be you
Newcontemporaries97 at Corner House, Manchester / The Centre For Contemporary Arts, Glasgow / Camden Arts Centre, London, 1997
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