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To Be a Famous Nobody
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Indefinitive Portraiture
To Be a Famous Nobody (1997)
The emotional rift of being famous
and anonymous in the art world

Many of the Young British Artists (YBAs) who participated in the “new contemporaries” have gone on to become international stars. Since then, the exhibition has been (ab)used and misinterpreted as a gateway to stardom. I resented such a star system and have been doubtful ever since about its connection to art. The star system distorts the idea of what art is, or how art or an artist should be. Subconsciously, name and fame pressurize every young artist in Britain (and everywhere else) to aim to make nothing but work that mimics the fortunes of out-dated success stories. I was luckily chosen to participate in the exhibition, but I was determined to use the opportunity to provoke a question that all of us could reflect upon concerning the relation between name and art, fame and career, art and marketability. By becoming a void, I created a signal, an emptying of the exhibition context, a space for participation. I asked the organizers to replace my name with a symbol O. So everyone could be stars … or no one is a star … Does this participant really exist?
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Frozen dislocated SHOCKET plugged away Home precise Warmth
Site specific installation & publicity campaign
Self freezing socket & O could be you
Newcontemporaries97 at Corner House, Manchester / The Centre For Contemporary Arts, Glasgow / Camden Arts Centre, London, 1997
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